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Darlingtons Group Ltd is a successful company based on The Wirral. We operate two main divisions within the Group – Transport Services and Salt & Landscaping Supply services. The company has been trading since 1930 and only recently celebrated 80 years of service. Our key focus in all those years has always been on QUALITY and we pride ourselves on supplying quality services, products and customer satisfaction and we are certified to ISO 9001.


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Our Company

Our transport fleet is mainly utilised to collect and deliver bulk and palletised products for our busy Salt & Landscaping business, however we also offer general haulage services throughout the UK. We have our own packing facilities on site. Salt and Landscaping products are collected in loose form and delivered to our packing facility, where it can be packed into various sized polythene bags or into bulk bags (IBC’s).

We deliver our products to 95% of the UK via our own fleet of vehicles and an approved Pallet Network Partner. The majority of our garden/landscape products are sourced naturally within the UK. Our salt division sources various grades of salt from the UK and is also a major importer bringing in salt products from across the globe.

In addition to supplying the general public, we also supply our range of products to a wide range of commercial customers which include Garden Centres, Landscape Contractors, Gritting Companies, Janitorial Suppliers etc.

We trust you will enjoy browsing through our website. If you require any further information our Customer Services Team would be delighted to help you with any enquiry you may have. Please call 0151 328 5610 or click here.

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Keith Jones

Managing Director

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Martin McNicholas

Commercial Manager

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Sales & Marketing

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Ryan Jones


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Admin Assistant

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Darlingtons Group was formed in 1930 and became a limited company in 1942. Arthur Darlington launched his business using a Ford tipper lorry and several horses. During the war, Darlingtons maintained coal supplies to local hospitals.

Throughout the 1940s and 50s, Darlingtons transport business was transporting products such as coal, timber, animal feeds, oil products and refractory products. In later years, Darlingtons diversified into supplying top soil and other garden products to local houses, hospitals and businesses.

In 1999, the company moved to its present operating site in Eastham, South Wirral. A management buyout was concluded in 2007, when former Operations Manager, Keith Jones, bought the business from John Darlington and Philip Honor.


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Darlingtons Group Limited (DGL) operates a large modern fleet of vehicles. The fleet consists of Bulk Tippers, Walking Floor units and Curtainsider trailers.

Walking Floor Trailers

Our walking floor trailers can be used for transporting all types of high volume bulk materials, but can also carry palletised goods as well. For bulk loads that need to be tipped into an area with low height restriction, this piece of equipment is ideal as the material is 'shuffled' out of the trailer. Similarly, palletised cargo can be 'walked' on or off the trailer. As with our tipper fleet, the walking floor units are also fitted with on-board weighing devices and easy sheets to protect the material being transported. Products such as salt, recycled waste materials (plastic, paper, glass, etc), coal and biomass materials can be transported safely and securely throughout the UK.

Bulk Tippers

Our bulk tipper business involves hauling Waste Paper, De-Icing Salt, Top Soil and other bulk materials. We operate 8 wheel rigid units and articulated tippers for deliveries throughout the UK & Ireland. Easy sheets are also fitted to keep loads covered and secure and also for Health & Safety requirements. All drivers hold EPIC cards.


Darlingtons provide you with a cost effective distribution service for palletised goods throughout the UK & Ireland. Using our own fleet of 13.6 metre trailers and fully approved transport partners, we can provide you with haulage rates from 1 pallet to full loads.

Our fleet of vehicles is constantly updated and maintained by the relevant vehicle manufacturer on annual maintenance contracts.

All our vehicles are fitted with mobile phones for quick communication with our drivers. Some vehicles are also fitted with GPS Tracking devices for up to the minute information on the vehicle's location and to provide extra security for our client’s products.

Darlingtons Group plc is registered with the Environment Agency for the transportation of waste material.

Click here for a copy of our waste carriers licence.

Road Sweeper Hire

Darlingtons multi-function road cleansing equipment is playing a major part in the drive for an improved living and working environment. We offer a fully comprehensive service, capable of the toughest challenges. This includes high pressure cleaning of factory roads, car parks and drain and gully clearing.

Multi-Function Road Cleaning

Darlingtons fleet of Johnston 650 series Cleansing Vehicles set the standards in road suction sweeping technology with a host of high pressure water and suction options to tackle the toughest of cleaning operations.

  • High Pressure Jet Lance
  • High Pressure Road Washing
  • High Pressure Drain Suction
  • Littersnatch
  • Brush & Suction Road Sweeping

All of our Roadsweepers are fitted with reversing cameras for maximum safety during operation on site. They are all equipped with mobile phones for quick communication with our drivers. All operators are trained to a very high standard and have attended training courses held by the vehicle manufacturer, which covers both the operation of the vehicle and safety procedures. Additionally, all operators hold Client/Contractor National Safety Group (CCNSG) Safety Passports. The aim of the Safety Passport is to ensure a basic knowledge of health and safety for all personnel to enable them, after appropriate site induction, to work on site more safely with lower risk to themselves and others.

Salt Products

Darlington Group supply most types of residential and commercial salt. Read more about the type of salt that interests you below:

Deicing salt

In extreme weather conditions of ice and snow, slips, trips and falls are the most common accidents to occur. All outdoor areas have the potential to be hazardous in such winter conditions therefore, public footpaths, roads, entrances and pedestrian walkways must be treated to reduce the risk of slips and falls. Read More...

Water Softening Salt

Many areas in the UK have a water supply that is naturally 'hard'. Hard water is formed when calcium and magnesium are dissolved by rainwater as it filters through natural layers of chalk and limestone. In order to avoid the effects of hard water the calcium and magnesium need to be removed from your water, to produce so called 'softened ' water. Read More...

Agricultural Salt

We have been supplying salt for the Agricultural & Equine industry for many years and are the UK’s largest importer on Natural Lump Rock Salt. Darlix® Natural Himalayan Lump Rock Salt is fully UFAS source assured (Universal Feed Assurance Scheme)   Read More...

Deicing Salt

In extreme weather conditions of ice and snow, slips, trips and falls are the most common accidents to occur. All outdoor areas have the potential to be hazardous in such winter conditions therefore, public footpaths, roads, entrances and pedestrian walkways must be treated to reduce the risk of slips and falls.

We have an extensive knowledge of the de-icing salt market (however, you would think so after supplying it for over 30 years!) and can offer you a one stop solution for all winter maintenance products and solutions. We work very closely with the UK’s largest rock salt producer, Salt Union, to ensure plenty of availability of brown rock salt and have developed strong partnerships with overseas manufacturers to have a constant supply of white de-icing salt imported to the UK.

We operate our own bagging plants to pack salt into polythene bags and bulk bags. If you are a commercial customer and would be interested in having your own branded bags, please contact our Customer Service team.

  • Don’t slip up and order your rock salt – be prepared before the cold weather descends on us. Keep your business running – no matter how cold or frosty it is
  • Large stockpiles of bagged rock salt are kept in stock at our Cheshire depot – customer are very welcome to collect bagged salt. Please contact us for more details.
  • Discounted prices are applicable for salt that is pre-purchased before the Autumn / Winter season – we can even store it free of charge until the product is required

Rock Salt and White De-icing salt are available in different pack sizes. If you wish to place orders for large quantities please contact us for a competitive quote. Call our Customer Service Team on 0151 328 5600 or click here to email.

Pack Sizes - Handipaks (approx 20kg)
Large Bags (approx 25kg)
Bulk bags (approx 900kg)
Bulk tipper loads from 10 -30 tonne quantities

Facts About Salt and Deicing

  • Over 2 million tonnes of salt are spread onto the UK roads each year. The majority is spread onto Motorways, Trunk roads and Main roads. Less than a third of other roads are treated.
  • Salting UK roads costs over £150 million per year.
  • Without salting, delays caused would cost £2 billion per year.
  • Local authorities are bound by an Act of parliament, passed in 2003, which states, "a highway
  • authority are under a duty to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that safe passage along a highway is not endangered by snow or ice."
  • Dependent solely on the weather, winter maintenance expenditure can vary vastly, making control of budgets very difficult.
  • There can be a huge difference between individual area Highway Authority Winter Maintenance plans.
  • Historically, great attention is given to planning but less attention was paid to the outcomes/effectiveness of the salting activities. The introduction of technology to winter maintenance is now providing methods to review effectiveness and efficiency of service delivery.
  • Each year, approximately 1,000 people are killed or seriously injured on icy or snow covered roads.
  • EuroRAP survey results show the risk of being killed in a traffic accident in Britain is 5.9 per 100,000 population - the lowest in any country in Europe.
  • 6mm salt results in a reduction in windscreen damage, controls spread away from verges which results in less wastage.
  • 10mm salt may be better for spreading wider roads and for greater penetration on lying snow.
  • Dryrox has a lower moisture content than Thawrox. Thawrox is often taken when stored in salt barns, whereas Dryrox is taken to be stored outside, where it will naturally absorb more moisture from the environment.
  • For calibration of spreader vehicles, bulk density and flow characteristics are particularly important depending on the grade of salt used. The delivery rate of damp salt is less than that of dry salt.

Water Softening Salt

Many areas in the UK have a water supply that is naturally 'hard'. Hard water is formed when calcium and magnesium are dissolved by rainwater as it filters through natural layers of chalk and limestone. In order to avoid the effects of hard water the calcium and magnesium need to be removed from your water, to produce so called 'softened ' water.

Darlingtons water softening salt products come in 3 formats –

Salt Tablets

Used in most domestic and commercial water softeners, Darlies Salt Tablets are round in shape and perfectly suited for the majority of water softener machine

Granular Salt 10kg & 25kg bags

Darlies Granular salt is a compacted small granules of salt, which rapidly dissolve in water softener machines

Harveys Block Salt 2 x 4kg Pack

Each pack contains two 4kg blocks of salt suitable for any block salt water softener

Benefits of Softened Water

  • it can help certain dry skin conditions such as eczema
  • it provides cost savings in service, maintenance and replacement of showers, heaters etc.
  • it improves the efficiency of hot water and heating system
  • it can save some 50% of washing powder and toilet soap consumption and similarly cut the use of shampoos, conditioners and cleaning products.
  • it saves time – independent studies have confirmed that considerable cleaning time is saved with softened water
  • it can in time completely remove existing scale deposits in hot water and heating systems as well as scale around taps and stains in bath and basins.
  • softened water has a clean silky feeling. It makes bath time a luxury without the need for bath oils or bubble bath liquids.
  • makes hair soft and easy to manage
  • softened water rinses completely away without leaving scum even after shaving
  • makes laundry brighter, and glasses and dishes sparkle and shine
  • provides cost savings in service and maintenance of dishwashers, washing machines, showers and water heaters and extends the life of such units.
  • makes washing the car easier and will reduce streaking and spotting.
  • water softeners are installed in nearly all commercial laundries, kitchens and car washes in hard water areas.

Agricultural Salt

Our Darlix® Natural Lump Rock Salt is sourced from Spain, Israel and from the Himalayan mountains in Pakistan. Full of essential minerals, our products are available in catchweight bags (approx 20-25kgs) and tote bags (approx 1100-1200kgs).


If you are planning to spend some time doing up the garden or starting a new landscaping project it is very important to think about the quality of the products you are going to need. Good quality topsoil is essential.

Top Soil

If you are looking to lay a new lawn, you will need a grade of soil that has been screened to ensure all stones and debris is removed. Our Topsoil is naturally sourced and we ensure it meets strict quality standards.

Darlingtons topsoil is highly recommended for all your gardening needs. Available in bulk bags (approx 800-900kgs).

Contract Packing

Darlingtons operates 3 packing machines at our site in Cheshire. We pack our own branded salt and aggregates and also offer the service to clients who prefer to sell their own branded bags.

Our machines can pack small polythene bags ranging from 10kg to 25kg in weight and also pack bulk bags from 500kg to 1300kgs in weight.

We also have facilities to pack small retail packs and bottles.
We welcome all enquiries for contract packing of salt products or aggregates.

Please call 0151 328 5600 or use the Contact Us page.